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Infant Baptism is Biblical CD

  How to defend the Church’s teachings regarding Infant Baptism and Original Sin from the Bible. Discussion centers on how one must understand Original Sin and its consequences in order to properly understand the need for Infant Baptism.

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Catholic Bible teachings about Mary CD

John shows how all of the Church’s teachings regarding Mary (the Immaculate Conception, the Assumption, perpetual virginity, etc.) do indeed have scriptural support. Plus a few minutes on Purgatory and the Bible.

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How many Churches did Jesus start?

Have you ever heard someone say that it doesn’t matter which Church you go to…as long as it’s Christian? John shows why this attitude is not logical and is not biblical. He will show, from the Bible, that Jesus did not intend for there to be 25,000+ churches and denominations – that there is one, […]

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Saved by Faith alone. Sola fide. CD

Are we saved by Faith Alone? Or, do works play an important role in our salvation? John presents the Protestant arguments, from Scripture, for the doctrine of Sola Fide, and then, using the Bible Alone, proceeds to thoroughly refute these arguments while presenting Scripture passage after Scripture passage that support the Catholic teaching that both […]

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We only need the Bible? Says who? (Certainly not the Bible!)

Protestants believe in the Bible as the sole rule of faith for Christians. Using the Bible alone, John shows that this doctrine of Sola Scriptura is not scriptural; in fact, John shows why it is actually opposed to what is taught in Scripture. John also talks about where we got the Bible and responds to […]

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End of the World! CD

This tape compares Catholic teaching on the “Rapture” and on the end times, with the Protestant teaching on the same subjects. John shows, using only the Bible, that the Rapture theology that is so prevalent among Protestant denominations and which has been popularized by the “Left Behind” series of books and movies, is a gross […]

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Sacraments and the Bible CD

Gives the biblical foundations for the Catholic teaching on Baptism, Confession, and the Eucharist, with half of the tape devoted to the Eucharist. John shows, very clearly, how the Bible supports Catholic teaching on all three of these Sacraments and why Protestant teaching on these Sacraments just doesn’t stand up to serious Scriptural scrutiny.

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Common Questions about the Catholic Church CD

19 different topics in short Q&A format. Why do Catholics call their priests “Father”? Do Catholics take the Bible literally? Why do we keep Jesus hanging on the Cross? Were Adam and Eve myths? Have Catholics been “born again”? And 14 more. If you want quick answers to common questions asked of Catholics, here they […]

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Was Hitler right? CD

Subtitle: Why Atheists Have No Rights. This is an apologetic aimed at atheists and social liberals. This talk gives you a line of reasoning to use when talking to atheists about the existence of God, and when talking to those who favor abortion, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research about the morality of their beliefs.

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What came first the Church or the Bible – Sola Scriptura CD

Many Christians seem to believe the Church is almost irrelevant. That we don’t need the Church because we have the Bible. This talk very clearly shows, however, that we can have the Church without the Bible, but we can’t have the Bible without the Church. It shows that it was impossible for the first Christians […]

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